Unclaimed Property?
Each state has a agency that handles unclaimed property.  This includes unclaimed funds for businesses and individuals. Typically, unclaimed funds may be from dividends, interest, tax refunds never cashed, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, and insurance policies to name a few. The money could have been for you or deceased family members.  After the money is unclaimed for five (5) years, the money is turned over to the state where it stays until we find it for you.

How do we find your money?

We have specialized personnel on staff that have located millions of dollars for individuals like yourself.  We have specialized equipment to locate your money so you don't have to.  This equipment requires the highest level of clearance in order to utilize.  Finally, we have  specific relationships with most of the states in the US that allow us to help you find your unclaimed funds.

If you just received a letter from us, we found unclaimed money that we believe is yours.  Please call us and we will be happy to tell you more about what we found.